Lwema is a web based School Management System designed and developed by Chesco-Tech for small, medium and large institutions of learning. Its core features assist a school to manage administration, storage of students / pupils records, parent’s records, library records management among other functions.

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Enables a teacher to track student performances and attendances. Enables a teacher to send student / pupil results via email to parents. Enables a teacher to upload student / pupil assignments and subject work to students. Enables a teacher to create learning time tables and personalized daily working time tables


Enables management to view financial performances of the school and make meaningful decisions from the reports in the system. Enables management to view reports of performances of the students / pupils and make meaningful decisions of performances per subjects, performances by teacher, etc. Enables management to view parents, pupils and teacher information.


This module enables a pupil to access study materials and assignments posted by a teacher on the system It also allows a pupil / student to view subject results and performances aswell as attendances. Enables pupils to view any publications or announcements issued by the school administration


The Administrator is the super user of the system. She/he manages all system users. Administrator is able to manage the school subjects and assign teachers to a subject. Administrator is able to add students or pupils to the system. Administrator is able to add parents and guardians to the system. Administrator manages the system school information and is responsible for adding, editing and deleting school hostel information on the system. Administrator is able to send messages to parents of a school event or reminder, to make a payment for school fees or any other communication needed to be done via text messages


Lwema provides your teachers with a feature that allows themto save and share learning materials and videos on the portal with students or pupils.


SMS helps to instantly communicate with parents about their child’s attendance notice School can also schedule single/bulk sms with pre-defined & custom template facility