hesco Pay is a product of Chesco-Tech that was designed and implemented for retailers and any person willing to make money to sell Airtime on all networks, Zesco Prepaid Units, Vodafone bundles, Mlife, GOTV, DSTV and many more … Chesco Tech provides you with an affordable one Off Android App which you can use to sell vouchers from any where you are, no need to carry any heavy and inconvinient devices to make your sales. Chesco Pay also provides you with analytics / reports of sales per week, per day and per any period you want to analyse your sales and make better management decisions

How does Chesco-Pay Work ?

✔ Download the app from play store or web site Visit Chesco Pay
✔ Sign up on the Web portal or Android App if you do not have an account.
✔ Have your account activated by paying the one Off Subscription Fee See our Commissions.
✔ Have your account activated by recharging your reseller account.
✔ And that’s it, you are free to sell all vouchers and earn commissions / discounts for each sale you make. How it Works